American Gods Season 2 Episode 6 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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Wednesday opens this episode as a burlesque show master at the Regis Theater in maybe the 1930s.  He introduces Donar the Great aka God of the Hammers aka Thor and Miss Columbia, it’s not clear who she is a representation of at this point.  Shadow wakes Wednesday and it appears the cabaret scene was apart of his dream.  The two are at a strip mall in search of the dwarf who will fix the Gungnir spear.

Mr. World is with his companion and the two are discussing strategy over a war table.  Mr. World requests New Media to up her game.    New Media gives some orders to her screen in Japanese and emojis are flying everywhere.

Anansi is in the Regis Theater barking commands to the performers.  He knocks on the door and tells his queen that he should get 20% of her worshippers.  It isn’t clear who’s door he’s knocking on but in the next scene we see Donar and Columbia, who are a couple, and she is encouraging him to go to California.  He says they have a contract with Grimnir aka Wednesday aka Odin.

Grimnir approaches Tech Boy (not clear who he is in this time), who is not impressed with Grimnir’s show or theater.  Grimnir tells him we are the ancient ones.  Tech Boy gets a phone call while at the Regis, Grimnir asks him what happens when the telephone is obsolete, he will need some real power on his side.  I suppose he is still Tech Boy but in an older manifestation.  Donar the Great is on stage exhibiting super human strength.  A soldier with a swastika patch on his arm tells Grimnir that he wanted to speak with him about his strong man.

Back in the strip mall, Wednesday is speaking to dwarfs who have a kiosk.  He looks odd when Wednesday introduces Shadow.  He tells Wednesday that he needs a Lou Reed leather jacket as payment to fix the Gungnir Spear.  Shadow says let’s just buy the jacket but Wednesday has other plans. 

Back at the Regis, the boy from Friends of New Germany says that his organization wants to sponsor him for a weight lifting competition.  He asks his last name and Grimnir answers Odinson.  Columbia seems concerned that the Friends of Germany are Nazis but Grimnir explains it away.  Miss Columbia takes to the stage and performs “Don’t fence me in’ and Tech Boy gives her a standing ovation.

Back in the strip mall, Wednesday is dressed as a Bishop and is selling a story about being a Lou Reed superfan.  As he is paying $7500 cash, Shadow appears in the store portraying an FYI agent placing Wednesday under arrest for counterfeiting.  Shadow says how much better he is getting at counterfeiting.  Shadow convinces the store owner that they must keep the jacket and the cash for evidence.  Wednesday is excited at the con job he and Shadow pull off.  Shadow leaves him in handcuffs until he answers questions about his son since Wednesday said that Shadow reminded him of his son.  Shadow wants to know how Thor died and Wednesday says there are certain deaths that our kind can’t come back from.  When Shadow asks what kind of deaths, Wednesday says the interrogation is over and appears saddened at the thought.

We see news headlines about the rise of Mr. Odinson then the man from Friends of Germany asks him to consider a proposal that angers him.  Anansi is lurking in the background and tells Donar that it helps to breath to calm down.  Donar explains they want him to throw the competition.  Anansi tells a story about a little boy god that was born in a world where female gods ruled, the little boy god went through time to a place where men ruled and made a pact with man, stole fire and gave it to man and was worshiped then man destroyed his homeland, the story is Anansi’s own.  He tells Donar that he should not give away his worship.

Wednesday returns to the dwarfs with the jacket.  Shadow is shocked as the dwarf says a spell and runes appear on the spear and it glows.  He says that she is ready to be healed.  Wednesday kisses Gungnir and says with you I won’t fail.  Meanwhile, Mr. World says that things are happening ahead of schedule.  When New Media asks how much ahead of schedule, he says that his friends in the valley assure him that they would be prepared for the coming storm.

Donar and Columbia plan of running of to California after the show and the crows are listening at the window.  Later as Columbia is packing Grimnir knocks on the door and comes in with old Tech Boy who is apparently a big fan.  He has a silver cowboy hat and Columbia says she’d been looking for it everywhere.  He presents himself as her future and Grimnir endorses it.  He says that America needs a new Goddess as it is on the brink of war and that she was doing great until Madam Libertae stole her thunder, referring to the statue of Liberty – Roman Goddess Libertas.  He wants to turn her into the lady of the war effort.  Columbia says she needs time to think about it and she needs to speak with Donar.  Grimnir breaks it to her that Donar left with the Germans and encourages her to manifest her own destiny.  He then goes outside and sees Donar.  Donar tells him his plans to go to California.  Grimnir then tells him that Columbia has other plans.  Donar says that Grimnir used his charms on her and refuses to do as Grimnir asks.  He defies Grimnir and tells him that the people come to see him, Donar the Great.  Grimnir strikes the ground with the Gungnir and the realm seems transformed.  Thor strikes it with his hammer and we see how the Gungnir was broken.  With Grimnir on his knees, Donar walks away from his father.

Wednesday and Shadow are driving and Shadow apologies for asking questions.  Wednesday says, it wasn’t you it was ghosts from the past.  Sacrifice is the only noble act, he regrets nothing.  We see a flashback of Donar being shot in the chest and “somewhere in America” is written in blood on the walls.  Shadow takes that to mean that Suicide is the only deaths that Gods can’t come back from, but the audience sees that Donar is murdered.  The episode ends with Wednesday singing a sad song on the edge of the theater stage.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 8.

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