American Gods Season 1 Episode 3 – Reaction Breakdown Review

We’re introduced to Anubis from Egyptian mythology who is the God of embalming. The name Anubis was given to the Egyptian God and is more commonly used. He is shown in American Gods weighing a heart against a feather to determine the fate of a woman’s afterlife.

I think I mentioned there were 2 Zorya sisters, well correction there are 3 on American Gods. Some myths only say there are 2 for the evening and morning star, while other include the 3rd midnight star, also represented in the 3 sisters constellation in Orion’s belt. Shadow meets the 3rd sister who seems present in his dreams. She gives him the moon as protection.

Mad Sweeney is on the road walking and as he is hitchhiking a car pulls up and offers him a ride. The driver dies Final Destination style with a pipe from a truck in front of them getting loose and launching through the windshield. Mad Sweeney realizes that he does not have his lucky coin causing his bad luck.

Next we meet a Jinn from Islamic mythology. There is a sex scene between the Jinn and a salesman Salim that does not seem to make sense or the purpose is not yet clear in the storyline. The morning after Salim discovers the Jinn was not the taxi owner by going through his wallet and then takes the taxi.

Mr. Wednesday go to rob a bank and are caught on surveillance cameras as soon as they enter the bank which makes Shadow nervous as he is 5 days out of prison. Mr. Wednesday gets him a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and tells him to think about snow. The deep concentration puts Shadow to sleep and as he wakes they arrive at a print shop and have a conversation about the number Jesus Christs there have been through out history. Mr. Wednesday encourages Shadow to continue thinking about snow and as Shadow follows instructions snow starts to fall. I wonder if Shadow did it on his own or did Mr. Wednesday help and made Shadow think he did it on his own.

I’m glad Mr. Wednesday called Shadow out about pretending to not believe. All the fantastic things that are happening and he seems to be confused about what exists. It’s expected that it should be a shocker but the denial is getting a bit old.

Mad Sweeney finally gets to Laura’s grave and realizes she is gone along with his coin. We then see that Laura has gone to reunite with Shadow.

Be back soon with my review of episode 4! Loving this show. Every episode is a mythology research/review session.

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