‘Game of Thrones’: Gendry Actor Joe Dempsie Teases Major Cersei Connection


A Million Little Things S1E17

Let's see what you got for the finale! The Gifts - Each gift was so thoughtfully suited for each person, even Maggie who didn't officially meet Jon. The Pregnancy - Is it me or is Delilah's pregnancy going super fast. The Kiss - I was hoping for the kiss last episode and it was horribly sad watching them … Continue reading A Million Little Things S1E17

Jamie and Tyrion – Best Bros! – Reaction Breakdown Review

Jamie and Tyrion have been close the entire series and I think we get another Epic display in S8. I mentioned in my previous review that Jamie will have consequences for past actions; however, the Northern Court will pardon Jaime to fight for the living. ...And he will go hard in the battle, for the … Continue reading Jamie and Tyrion – Best Bros! – Reaction Breakdown Review