Natural Hair & Vitamin D


2 Weeks Post Op

A little over two weeks following Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery and I'm asked several times a day if I feel better. The answer is yes and no. Surgery itself came with it's own pains and recovery process and from those I feel better every day. Prior to surgery there were several symptoms as a result … Continue reading 2 Weeks Post Op

Reblog… What is TIR?

TIR has been focused mostly on Art lately, check out the art expressions page. Click below for the initial post on TIR!

The Lion King 2019 Review

Hello from TIRealm! 🎼Someday we’ll find it, The Realm of Imagination. The Watchers, The Dreamers and Me. 🐸🌈🎼 It's been a long time, but what better movie to review after a long break, other than Disney's The Lion King. Let me start off by admitting that I am a huge Disney fan, especially the animations. … Continue reading The Lion King 2019 Review