Game of Thrones Prequel

Im excited that HBO is moving right into filming for the prequel. I dont think it has really set in for some fans that GOT is ending in May. Just when we get used to it being back after 468753238 years, it will be gone... for good. But alas do not fret. The prequel will … Continue reading Game of Thrones Prequel

Game of Thrones – The Bud Knight…Blah Blah Blah

How disappointed I was last night when there was no trailer released during the Superbowl. I'm sure I was not the only fan awaiting a glimpse into Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Of course it would air during the superbowl when so many people would be tuned in right? The final season, for sure … Continue reading Game of Thrones – The Bud Knight…Blah Blah Blah

Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

Who else has their fingers crossed that the much anticipated trailer will air during the superbowl tonight? Not that I wasnt appreciative of the promos so far but I'm hoping for something more lengthy tonight. HBO has to take this viewing opportunity to release the trailor right? Why wouldnt they... here's to hope!

Game of Thrones Littlefinger Theory

Rumor has it that Lord Baelish is still alive. Not my first time hearing this theory and I dont think it is true. Although I would agree that his death and his role in season 7 was a bit strange for someone who has manipulated the entire Game thus far. What do you think?

Pool of Thrones

This is the coolest way to spend time waiting for season 8 to arrive. There are fantasy football leagues and guess the gender polls right? Why not bet on the characters lives in season 8. Click the link and place your bets! Click here to make your predictions - Click here to join my … Continue reading Pool of Thrones