GOT Season 8 Theory – Its a No for me

I love reading theory especially the far out theory; however, this one is a little too far out even for me. It seems a bit more bitter than sweet. Where's the sweet in everyone dying? The uproar that would create amongst fans of the show! Just how will this translate to the books when they're … Continue reading GOT Season 8 Theory – Its a No for me

Robin Arryn… *rolls eyes*

Man I really thought we'd seen the last of this spoiled brat. What could be be possibly be doing in the new season? I've heard theories of a possible Sansa marriage but I'm not too sure about that. As long as she's not marrying Gendry, I'll be ok #Arendry ! I suspect he will have … Continue reading Robin Arryn… *rolls eyes*

Game of Thrones Sneakers?!?

Good Morning GOT fans. It looks like Adidas is coming out with a new GOT sneaker line. You can have sneakers designed for your favorite GOT house. I have to wonder why in the final season? Why not a few seasons ago? Perhaps for the nostalgia of it all. Now I must say my first … Continue reading Game of Thrones Sneakers?!?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Promo Pics

HBO released season 8 promotional pictures yesterday and it was very exciting to get a glimpse into season 8. I still want a trailer but this was good for now. Far better than the Bud Knight commercial I must say. Dany has a new coat that is pretty cool and North approved. I can't wait … Continue reading Game of Thrones Season 8 Promo Pics