Game of Thrones Littlefinger Theory

Rumor has it that Lord Baelish is still alive. Not my first time hearing this theory and I dont think it is true. Although I would agree that his death and his role in season 7 was a bit strange for someone who has manipulated the entire Game thus far. What do you think?

Pool of Thrones

This is the coolest way to spend time waiting for season 8 to arrive. There are fantasy football leagues and guess the gender polls right? Why not bet on the characters lives in season 8. Click the link and place your bets! Click here to make your predictions - Click here to join my … Continue reading Pool of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 8 New Theory

1/28/19 There has been a lot of discussion among the experts about what Tyrion promised Cersei at the end of Season 7.  A new theory has surfaced suggesting that Tyrion promised Jon’s hand in marriage.  Let’s just say that I will be throwing things at my tv if this happens.  I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT HERE … Continue reading Game of Thrones Season 8 New Theory

555 – 81 Days…Sigh – Really DandD

1/23/2019 sIt has been 555 days since GOT Season 7 ended and 81 days until Season 8 begins.  It just doesn't seem right for any of the season 8 episodes to only be 60 minutes.  What does that even mean!?!  No Fair!There are absolutely too many plot points to wrap up, too many unanswered questions, … Continue reading 555 – 81 Days…Sigh – Really DandD