Disney’s Villainess Prequel ‘Cruella’ Is Casting

Disney's Cruella

Lion King Trailer

Holy please don't ruin childhoods Batman! I just watched this trailer with my son, who is almost 18, and was (is) the biggest Lion King fanatic I know. 👍🏼👍🏼 Looks good but like any other remake I'm expecting greatness and praying away disappointment. In other words, they better not mess this us! https://youtu.be/7TavVZMewpY

‘Howard the Duck’ on Hulu

Nostalgia! I don't know that there is an 80s kid who loved TV and Movies who isn't familiar with Howard the Duck. I will be tuned in to see what Hulu does with this series. Fingers crossed for a cool remake. Check out Inverse's article for additional details. https://www.inverse.com/article/54196-howard-the-duck-marvel-and-hulu-series-release-date-trailer-kevin-smith