The Iron Throne – Reaction, Breakdown, Review – Spoilers

Alas, all good things must come to an end, right?  Last night was that end.  Good with the bad, I have to say I’m satisfied with the ending.  We were promised that season 8 would be bittersweet and that is what we were given.

The Bells – Reaction, Breakdown, Review – Spoilers

The bells are ringing and Jon sighs in relief.  Jaime is panicked that he won't get to Cersei in time.  I can now recognize what is happening with Dany in this moment.  Dany is experiencing Adrenaline, a family history of mental illness, several defeats in a row, losing several loved ones within the past few weeks, being rejected by her love, being betrayed by that love and close advisers and realizing that it was a lie that she would be welcomed by loyal subjects who have prayed for her return to save them.  She has nothing to win and nothing to lose in this moment and the voices in her head are yelling "burn them all". 

Winter Fell During the Long Night – Reaction, Breakdown, Review – Spoilers

I give this episode a 10. I was thrilled, saddened, and a nervous wreck the entire episode. There were lots of unexpected moments, including some that I thought could have gone another way, but It did not take away from the overall experience that was episode 3.

GOT S8E1 1st Watch Moments

❤❤: opening credits, Arya ❤ Gendry, Theon & Yara and Jon & Arya (Minus the Sansa talk) 🤨🤔: Arya & The Hound, Tyrion & Sansa 👎🏼: Could've done without the Disney Dragon ride, Sansa & Jon/Dany, Cersei & Euron 😢😭: Poor Sam, Aegon Targaryen 🤯: Ned Umber & Bran telling Dany about her Viserion