American Gods Season 1 Episode 6 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 1 Episode 6 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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This episode opens at the Mexican border with ‘Coming to America’. They come to a river and stop for the night and pray to Jesus Christ for protection in their journey across as the river has a strong current. As they make it to the other side there is one man still wading in the water and as he begins to drown he is pulled to the surface by Jesus, who walks on water to the shore.

Just as the group think they are to safety, a group of Americans pull up in pick-up trucks with bright lights, hop out and open fire. Their guns are labeled ‘thy kingdom come’, ironically identifying them also as Christians. Jesus steps in front of some of the travelers and is shot in both hands, like the crucifixion, and in the chest and his heart appears to glow.

As we catch up with Shadow and Wednesday, they are debating the chicken and the egg, did Gods exist first of people believing in them. Shadow asks Wednesday who he was and Wednesday responded, if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Shadow tells Wednesday he saw Laura and the two return to the motel to find the room destroyed. Wednesday appears to not believe Shadow about Laura’s return, which he already knows about. He quickly gets Shadow out of the area as Laura finally returns in time to see them pulling off with Shadow lighting up the car.

Mad Sweeney shows up and convinces Laura that he has Jesus Christ connections and may know someone who performs resurrections. Laura is questioning Sweeney about what/who he is and as they argue as Sweeney tries to hot wire a cab. Salim appears with a gun and asks them not to steal his car but instead goes with them in hopes of finding The Jinn. Sweeney agrees to help him find the Jinn as long as he takes them to Kentucky.

All of a sudden Shadow’s wound is getting worse. Wednesday places his hand over the wound and says some sort of incantation and pulls some type of alien looking creature from the wound. I’m assuming that this was an implant from the tree in the police department, possibly a tracker from the New Gods.

Laura, Sweeney and Salim are traveling the car. Salim is talking the whole time, Laura is zoning out and her flies are still hovering and Sweeney is irritated with the whole situation, especially Salim’s talking. Salim asks Laura if she was dead and when she confirms he asks if she prayed for another life. Salim says that he does not pray to ask God for things, he prays to thank him. He admits that he prays to find the Jinn and Sweeney deduces that Salim and the Jinn have an intimate relationship. Laura doesn’t like that Sweeney is making fun of Salim and as Sweeney falls asleep, she turns the steering wheel and take them off course.

In the next scene, there is a supervisor clocking in for his day at work in a factory and The Partridge Family theme song is playing. He greets all his employees with a smile, leans on a rail and falls into a fiery smelting pot, and it World’s Greatest Boss cup melts in what looks like Lava. The metal is used to make bullets. We are in Vulcan, Virginia. The town has flags and firearm signs everywhere. The people have patches on their arms and guns in their hands, they are reminiscent of Nazis. There is a parade to celebrate the supervisor’s death, which Wednesday identifies as a sacrifice to Roman God Vulcan, who is also the factory owner and leader in this town. In mythology, Vulcan is the roman god of metal work and volcanoes, which was highlighted well in the this scene. Wednesday is there to encourage Vulcan to join the Old Gods in the war to come.

Sweeney wakes up pissed off because they are not in Kentucky. He gives Laura hell about her kiss with Shadow, highlighting that Shadow won’t want her back especially since she kissed him with her dead smelling mouth. He tells her that Shadow is now Wednesday’s man and not hers. Laura is focused on the fact that her heart beat when she kissed Shadow and is not deterred by Sweeney’s many attempts to set her straight.

Shadow does not like the feel at Vulcan’s house, especially with the noose on the hanging tree in the front yard. Wednesday asks Vulcan how he was able to build this life and Vulcan admits that it was through sacrifice. Vulcan refers to the gun as a modern volcano and essentially every shot fired is a dedication to him as a God. Wednesday toasts ‘God bless the believers’ and requests that he forge sword. Vulcan leaves and Shadow asks Wednesday does he trust Vulcan. Wednesday replies that he trusts who Vulcan has always been. Shadow questions how Vulcan knew he was lynched and Wednesday points out that the people who lynched him knew he was lynched, implying that Vulcan is on the side of the New Gods. Shadow is going on about Laura and Wednesday asks him to close his eyes and picture her, Shadow does and is able to get a vivid picture of where Laura is at the time that seems to point to some of Shadow’s abilities.

Wednesday compliments Vulcan on such a wonderful blade forged. Vulcan is shining the finished product and seems to be having a change of heart. Wednesday senses something is up and calls Vulcan out on selling him out. Vulcan admits that the New Gods revitalized him as a deity by giving him a modern gun for people to worship. Wednesday takes the sword and slits Vulcan’s throat and kicks him into the smelting pot, then lays down a curse by urinating into the vat, which goes into every bullet.

At the end of the episode, Salim has stopped at sundown to pray as flies hover around Laura and Sweeney is visibly irritated. Salim and Laura agree that life is great.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 7.

American Gods Season 2 Episode 5 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 2 Episode 5 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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The episode opens on a village. Hounds come upon a woman’s body laying dead. There are a group of villagers assembled in an angry mob. There was a man, who is identified later in the episode as Will James, in the process of being lynched. An image of Laura flashes and it’s assumed that she was the woman who appeared dead earlier. It appears Will James is being lynched for her murder. During the lynching the robe breaks and the mob immediately begin attacking the body. He is shot several times, kicked and poked with sticks. The body is then drug through the streets on display.

Shadow awakens from this dream by the sound of Bastet meowing. He goes to the bathroom, looks in the mirror, and his eyes are changing colors. Suddenly there is a ghost of Will James behind him and he whispers something to him that I was not able to make out. Shadow then has the urge to pick up a blade and hold it to his own throat, it appears he is possessed. The hold is released and shadow drops the blade.

Mr. Wednesday is planting the seedling he obtained in a previous episode. He then begins to pee on it and possibly says a spell in another language. He tells it to grow well and Shadow enters and chastises Mr. Wednesday for peeing on the plant and Mr. Wednesday refers to it as the World Tree. Wednesday is then preparing to leave and tells Shadow he should spend the day with Ibis.

Ibis asks Shadow if he’s comfortable sleeping under the same roof as the dead and Shadow replies as long as they stay dead, Ironic since Laura is neither.

Finally we catch up with Mad Sweeney. He is in New Orleans drinking his fill. He’s talking to statues and passing out drink on what looks like an offering or a memorial. He is awakened by Laura. He admits that the further he is from her, the worse his luck becomes. They go to a bar and before entry Sweeney compliments the boy sitting at the door on his shirt and tosses a coin in his jar. As the enter the bar, a woman says that Laura has to leave because she is dead. Sweeney says he wants a parley. A man in a top hat is also with the bar woman and he welcomes Sweeney.

In the next scene we catch up with the Jinn and Salim. The Jinn mentions that he was born on a Thursday under the desert sun. Jinn’s were being forced to convert to Islam but he refused. Jinn asks Salim if he really believes there is only one true God. Mr. Wednesday shows up, honks his horn and says that he was there to pick up two men from the city of Sodom. He takes another stab at his joke, asking Jinn if he was actually in Sodom. Mr. Wednesday asks how was the meeting with Yahweh, as he could be a prude at times. He hustles them along as the King of the Dwarfs is waiting. Salim questions the Jinn following Wednesday and the Jinn responds that he had been hanging around Odin’s neck in an amulet for years and Odin freed him.

In the next scene we catch up with Mr. Nancy who is in Historic Downtown Cairo. He is walking around and crosses paths with a young man who we then follow as he goes to buy drugs. The police show up immediately and a chance ensues. The boy is caught by the police as he is distracted and stops to stare at a pole on fire. Will James’ head is burning on top of the pole which seemingly goes unnoticed or is unseen by the police as they arrest the young man. In the next scene, we learn the boy has been killed and his name was Jamar Goodchild, a relative to Ruby Goodchild. Ibis mention that his wounds are posthumous and are the same as Will James. It seems as though the boy died as he stops to stare at the pole and perhaps a police beating followed, similar to Will James’ lynching.

Ibis goes into storyteller mode and gives an account of Will James’s story. An eyewitness saw James cross paths with a white woman earlier in the day so when she showed up dead, there was no question that Will James was the perpetrator. As Ibis tells the story, Shadow is transported to the scene and Will James is speaking to him telling him to remember that he has to die. Shadow asks Ibis why Will James was haunting him. There is a quick scene of Salim defending Allah to Jinn and Mr. Wednesday and Mr. Wednesday is marketing himself as a better God. Then we move back to Cairo, where Ruby has stopped defending Jesus and her pastor is trying to convince her not to make any rash decisions to leave Cairo. It is somewhat suspicious that he wants her to stay in Cairo more than he’s trying to restore her religious belief.

Mr. Wednesday and crew final arrive at the Dwarf King who initially shuts Mr. Wednesday down stating that his war is not his affair. There are some Game of Thrones similarities in this seen as the Dwarf King uses the phrase “it is known” and he says that he is not a warrior he is a builder. There is some discussion about carving runes, 18 charms, runes fading and a little bastard; however, it is somewhat unclear what they’re speaking about. I’m sure if it will be made clear later or if it was something I missed in a previous episode. (Let me know in the comments). At the end of this scene, it seemed important to note that Mr. Wednesday points out to Salim that his monotheism is misguided.

Back in New Orleans, the man in the top hat has been identified as the baron also known as Baron Samedi. It’s unclear to me if he is the same as Papa Legba, but I think they are separate deities. However, the woman we met was Maman Brigette, Baron’s wife. The pair are voodoo deities. Maman Brigette makes Laura a drink and she gags maggots, which is followed by the blowing of cigar smoke in her face causing horripilations. Sweeney urges them to get on with it and there is a compact struck.

Ibis and Shadow are discussing Will James and Ibis explains that Will James cursed his people because he felt abandoned by them and Shadow does not understand and wants to know why. Mr. Nancy is annoyed with Shadow asking all the wrong questions and refers to him as Mr. Wednesday’s puppet. Shadow is annoyed and leaves but his car is stopped by a dog in the middle of the street. Back at the parlor, Anansi makes it clear he is in support of himself in the wars to come as he tries to convince Ibis that he can keep him in business with fresh bodies without them having to be brown bodies.

Shadow follows the dog and is lead to the burning head of Will James. Shadow questions James about taking black lives and James responds he worships only death and takes those without hope. He tries to explain it but Shadow becomes sick and throws up. He tells him Walk with my burden when you share it with the world, I will release you.

Laura and Sweeney are still trying to get Laura healed. As the scene moves on, Sweeney is off with Brigette and Laura is with Baron. The Baron demands 2 drops of blood infused with love. Both are seduced into having sex with the deities but it appears as though they are with each other at points.

Back in Cairo, the pastor changes the message he had been preaching and tells the congregation that every time he said it would be okay he was lying. He tells Ruby to leave Cairo and if she finds a better place let him know. This is a complete different tune than he was singing earlier so i’m thinking one of the two times he was possessed, probably this time. Shadow enters the room and his eyes are changing colors as he is possessed by Will James. I’m not sure if Will James is a representation of a God of just a a vengeful spirit, or the third option is that I completely missed who/what he is. As Shadow is sharing Will’s story he is released and changes back.

As the episode ends, we get another look of the world tree and it has grown substantially. Laura wakes up and gets dressed, it’s the morning after, and both she and Sweeney are both pissed off as Brigette and Baron are gone. Sweeney says one way or another he will get his coin back and Laura calls him out about being Mr. Wednesday’s puppet. Sweeney responds that he hates Wednesday more than he could explain. It is clear that there is much more to that story.

Another great episode. Still catching up on Season 1 reviews, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 6.

American Gods Season 1 Episode 5 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 1 Episode 5 – Reaction Breakdown Review

Hello from #TIRealm.  I’m going back to fill in some of the episodes from Season 1 I have not reviewed as i’m all caught up on American Gods.

This episode opens with Ibis telling another story of the arrival of a group of people to America. In this story it seems to be the first American migration perhaps. They mention the land bridge from Siberia and I assume this is the Bering Strait. This reminds me of Game of Thrones and the first men and the arm of Dorne.

This group makes an arduous journey and lose many during the travels.   As they arrived there was no food and they prayed. They pray to their God called Nunyunnini who gives them the answers.  The buffalo with the fire eyes from episode one comes and sacrifices the woman with his horn. Another group, native to the land, gives them food and it is initially refused and their group was attacked.  The children of the group accept the offering and are spared.  Nunyunnini was forgotten over time.

The next scene we see Laura and flies, awaiting Shadow’s return.  Shadow is confused by Laura’s dead but alive body being in his hotel. Laura tries to brush away her affair but Shadow is not really hearing it. Laura gives a synopsis of death and the nothingness.  Shadow is pretty upset with her affair. Laura asks Shadow to get her a cigarette and he leaves she sees this immense light around him.   While he is out there is someone watching him from a car, but we do not see who.

Laura gets in the bath to warm up in hopes that Shadow will want to kiss her. Shadow talks about when he called Laura from prison and he had a suspicion something was wrong and he believes that he knew she would die.  She kisses him and the room illuminates and her heart beats. Meanwhile a crow, one of Mr. Wednesday’s messengers, knocks on Mr. Wednesday’s door to deliver a message (again with the Game of Thrones symbolism). I assume the message is about Laura because he goes to get Shadow right away. As they’re talking the police pull up and arrest them for the bank robbery from episode 3.

Technology Boy is meeting with his boss Media. I Love Lucy is Media, who is now in the form David Bowie. Media is telling him that he is trouble with Mr. World who is both of their boss. Technology Boy should not have hung Shadow from a tree and Media is encouraging him to apologize to Mr. World. Technology Boy doesn’t appear to be taking her advice.  The two discuss mass delusions and it seems as though Media mentions a martian attack in history or perhaps she was alluding to the fear of a martian attack and the public obsession with extraterrestrials in American history.

While that is happening, Mr. Wednesday and Shadow are still at the police station being interrogated. Shadow is quiet and does not give up any information. Mr. Wednesday is taking the opposite approach by telling the police all the intricate details of deities and the pending wars to come between the old gods and the new gods, which come off as insanity.  Shadow changes his tune as he’s told that the police was given pretty specific tips about his location in a fax tip.

Laura is still at the motel when Mad Sweeney breaks the door in and grabs her by the throat.  Laura simply flicks him with a finger and her massive strength sends him flying across the room.  Sweeney is begging for his coin, explaining that he gave Shadow the wrong coin and it’s the type of coin you save for royalty.  Laura responds by breaking his finger and beating him up some more for answers.  In pain, he tells her Mr. Wednesday is not to be trusted and offers to replace her coin with a hat full of replacements.  Laura rejects his offer saying that those coins don’t look as good, realizing that she has to give up the coin willingly.  Sweeney reminds her that being undead won’t last that long so he will get his coin back eventually.  In anger, he throws her into the tub strangling her.  The police come in at that instant interpreting the situation as a murder, as Laura plays dead…for real.

Back at the policy station, Anansi in spider form, opens Mr. Wednesday and Shadow’s handcuffs.  There is a lot of noises and Media glides into the room in the form of Marilyn Monroe and Shadow recognizes I Love Lucy from the episode when he was in the store.  Media goes on about the true cause of Marilyn’s death.  Shadow is completely confused by the entire situation.  The surveillance goes out and in walks Mr. World, who is played by Crispin Glover, who I loved as George McFly in Back to the Future.

Mr. World knows a significant amount of information about Shadow’s history, giving a complete run down of his story, including the face he makes when he masturbates.  Mr. World whistles for Technical Boy, who apologizes for lynching Shadow.  As the wheels turn, Shadow looks extremely taken aback by the amazement of it all.

Technical Boy makes an offer to Mr. Wednesday to use technology to help the Old Gods to make them a place as the world evolves.  Media frames it as an upgraded lemon scented you.  Mr. World explains that individualism doesn’t work anymore.  He promotes globalization and consumerism.  Media shows an image of a satellite named Odin that would some how re-brand Mr. Wednesday’s image.  I’m not entirely sure but it seems that the satellite would be some sort of mind control device.  Mr. Wednesday declines the offer in anger.

Technical Boy, like a teenager, does not understand why the New Gods don’t simply annihilate the Old Gods.  Mr. World reminds him that he owes Mr. Wednesday respect and slaps the teeth from his mouth.  Mr. World leaves after telling Mr. Wednesday that he is not his enemy.  Mr. Wednesday and Shadow sneak out of the interrogation room to find the entire police department had been decimated by the New Gods.  Shadow asks Mr. Wednesday, what story would be told about the current state of the police department, Mr. Wednesday responds, any story they want to tell.  There is an eye that opens, I assume the new gods watching Shadow and Mr. Wednesday.  As they are trying to leave a police car pulls up with Mad Sweeney and they double back through the police department.  Shadow enters a room and there is a large tree growing that cuts Shadow and grabs hold of him.  The two escape through the back in smoke or mist that looks like clouds.  As the police leave Sweeney to see what is going on, Sweeney escapes the police car, but not before his luck  wanes some more and he injures himself on the car window.

The final scene is a guy in the morgue and one of the lockers opens up and Laura pops out.  She had been brought there after playing dead in the tub earlier.  She contemplates her dead-ness and appears saddened.  She collects her belongings and leaves the morgue.

Another great episode, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 6; however, since Season 2 Episode 5 comes on today, I will probably review it first.

American Gods season 2 episode 5 The Way of the Dead preview – Entertainment Focus

American Gods season 2 episode 5 The Way of the Dead preview – Entertainment Focus

American Gods Season 2 Episode 4 – Reaction Breakdown Review

American Gods Season 2 Episode 4 – Reaction Breakdown Review

Hello from #TIRealm.  I’m all caught up on American Gods and although my reviews aren’t caught up I figured I would get my reviews in line with the live episodes then go back and fill in episodes 5-8 on season 1 and 1-3 on season 2.  Not to worry, I will try to have it updated as soon as possible.  That being said, here goes Season 2 Episode 4.

The episode opens with a little boy playing Pong so we know that it is a flashback scene.  An older man snaps his fingers to get his attention to remind him it’s time for music lessons.  He starts playing the piano with the metronome going in the background.  His playing is immaculate.  As soon as the lessons are over, he returns to playing pong.  We get the sense that there is comparison between old world classic arts and the new world technology.  In the next scene, the boy appears to be a teenager and has graduated to playing Tetris on his Gameboy which still dates to late 80s early 90s.  The boy says he knows Bach and his teacher comments that the classics are a true representation of grief and it is how men like him pray.  There is a montage of typing and music playing.  As the boy gets older we see him computer programming possibly hacking.  He hears a girl playing violin and he gets an epiphany and finds a way to digitize musical composition.  His teacher is amazed at the boy’s programing the composition but has a saddened look on his face.  In the next scene, the teacher has died and the boy is at his funeral.  As the music plays, we see a figure digitizing over the coffin, it’s Technical Boy.

This episode is clearly referencing real world events as I remembered seeing an article referencing computer composition of Bach recently, click here.

In the next scene, we see Shadow and a beautiful woman seducing him.  He warns her he has a wife which is ignored.    She licks his wounds and it is clear she is a goddess.  At first glance it looks like a dream but the audience can tell it is not.  Her eyes are gold like an animal.  He tells him let it go but it’s unclear what she is referring to.  It’s now morning and there is a cat leaving Shadow’s room.  He no longer has wounds.  I’m pretty sure the cat is the woman and possible Bastet.

As Shadow leave’s his room, he goes into the parlor with Ibis who is preparing a body and asks Shadow did he sleep well.  Shadow responds yes it was good.  Shadow asks Ibis if this is a coroner’s office and Ibis explains the difference between himself and a coroner.  Ibis then tells Shadow about the concept of being colored or African American is a new one and he never considered himself either.  Shadow asks if anyone else is there, referring to Laura, Mr. Wednesday signals to Ibis from behind Shadow and Ibis tells Shadow Laura is not there and the dead are different when they return.  Shadow goes off with Mr. Wednesday still going on about Laura.  I hoping that he doesn’t find her, I’m not a Laura fan.

We see Bilquis in the funeral home with a spider crawling in the background.  There is a woman sitting in the home and she asks Bilquis if she knows her grandmother Ida who is the woman Ibis is currently working on.  Bilquis asks the woman who she prays to and the woman responds all things are ideas.  Bilquis points out that this idea is the point of view of Benita from A Raisin in the Sun.  Benita remarks that Benita was a non-believer because of God getting credit for mankind’s accomplishments.  Mr. Nancy then manifests.  Mr. Nancy makes a comment about Bilquis playing both sides of the war with both the Old Gods and the New.  Bilquis says that Mr. World would’ve had her allegiance if he didn’t kill Zorya back in season 2 episode 1.

Technical Boy has a new hairstyle and New Media comments that he is nervous but they both need each other.  Technical Boy is not a fan of New Media, I sense jealousy.  He gives her a lesson on people vs. animals vs. Gods.  Animals are too ignorant to pray, people pray to the Gods and reminds her that they are Gods.  In comes Mr. World who is pissed off about the death of Argus because they’ve lost their information edge on the war by losing Argus and they are now blind.  To make sure Technical Boy gets the point, he sticks both his thumbs into Technical Boy’s eyes and instructs him to fix it quickly.

Mr. Wednesday and Shadow are in a diner and Mr. Wednesday gives Shadow a lesson on money who he refers to as him.  Mama-ji is also at this diner.  Mr. Wednesday encourages her to remember her warlike ways, being the Goddess Calle.  In walk girl scouts and there’s ominous music.  The scene cuts to Technical Boy is in an office building and he is meeting the boy we saw in the beginning who is all grown up and is listed as The CEO on the cast list.

Meanwhile, back in Cairo, Anansi, Ibis and Bilquis are together.  Bilquis greets the cat as sister, so I’m pretty sure now that the cat is Bastet.  The three have a conversation about their involvement in the war.  Mr. Nancy is upset that they’ve taken the neutral approach to this war.  Mr. Nancy explains the plight of racism and the black struggle in America over the years including but not limited to slavery, sex trafficking, and police brutality.  Ibis remarks that sooner or later they all lay before him and war may not be the answer.  Mr. Nancy continues to explain that they have to join the war from their unique perspective and fight for their own goals.  Bilquis appears swayed as the scene ends with she and Mr. Nancy apparently on the same page.

Back to The CEO and Technical Boy.  Tech boy is trying to offer him a deal that is unclear but presumably to replace Argus but there is no response from The CEO. 

Mr. Wednesday approaches the girl scouts.  Their uniforms have all the symbols of money and they appear to be gatekeepers, maybe they’re a manifestation of Credit.  They are prepared to offer Mr. Wednesday access to speak to the God of Money (I assume) but Shadow is not granted access as he does not have an electronic foot print because he’s never had any bank accounts or credit cards.

Bilquis is speaking to the woman again in Ibis’ funeral home.  Bilquis does not understand the faith of the woman or her grandmother.  She says that a God should offer more than comfort.  As the woman explains the struggles of being broke and content, Bilquis’ eyes are filled with tears.  She explains that Jesus did not die for sins, he died because he was a trouble maker who did not want to follow power.  Bilquis realizes that even though Jesus didn’t intend it, he now has such a large following that maybe he was on to something.  We then finally learn the woman’s name is Ruby Goodchild.  I’m not sure yet if she or her grandmother are important to the plot.

We’re back in the diner with Mr. Wednesday and Shadow.  Mr. Wednesday is upset because the girl scouts won’t acknowledge Shadow and Shadow is still trying to figure out how and why he has gotten all wrapped up in Mr. Wednesday’s world and asks “why me”.  Mr. Wednesday tells him it is because no one misses him and he means nothing to no one in this world or the next.  Shadow says he knows that Mr. Wednesday needs him and he does have value to him. 

I know I’m behind on reviews but I have to say that I’m pretty sure that Shadow is his son since the episode when his mother found out she had cancer and the man gave him the coin in the waiting room.  I’m also pretty sure that Shadow is Balder, God of Light from Norse Mythology.  Balder has a light that shines from within, similar to how Laura see’s Shadow and Balder is Odin’s son.

Technical Boy and The CEO are continuing their conversation and The CEO asks him to show him.  Mr. World enters and Technical Boy is confused.   New Media appears on a computer screen and we see lights and the metronome is playing in the background.  Technical Boy keeps saying Hello Friend and The CEO is not responding as he is mesmerized by the new programing New Media is showing him. 

I’m pretty sure that “Hello Friend” is a computer programming reference that I can’t remember where exactly it comes from.  I’m thinking it’s an initial command of some programming language.  If you know, please let me know in the comments.

Technical Boy leaves in haste and all the technology appears to be going out as he runs.  Technical Boy is attacked by the same bot we see attach to Shadow in season 1.  Mr. World is approached by the Girl Scouts who try to get him to buy candy.  Mr. World says that he just retired a God today, which I assume pays a debt and the doesn’t have to pay them, as they immediately grant him access.  This brings him to Mr. Wednesday and Shadow in the diner.  They are both upset with the other for killing a God, Mr. Wednesday killing Argus and Mr. World killing Zorya.  They’re interrupted by a man at a table saying he would like to pay.  Mr. Wednesday is anxious to get over to him as I think this is who he was waiting to speak with, the God of Money.  Mr. World interrupts him and reminds him that the world is completely digitized and everything is binary to which Mr. Wednesday responds Money loves profit and war is profit.  Money says money doesn’t make emotional decisions and there is no deal, money stays in the bank.  Mr. Wednesday is disappointed but tells Mr. World people like him more than Mr. World and Mr. World responds he’d rather be feared and he was not Mr. Wednesday’s enemy.

Another great episode, I’ll be back soon with my review of Season 1 Episode 5.