📺👀📽 TIR Recommends – Just Mercy (no spoilers)

Hello Realm, Yesterday Warner Bros released their film Just Mercy free across digital platforms in solidarity with the current outrage, unrest and revolution against brutality, inequality and racism towards black people. The film is based on a true story and takes a close look at the judicial process and incarceration. Warning the film elicits an … Continue reading 📺👀📽 TIR Recommends – Just Mercy (no spoilers)

📺👀📽 TIR Recommends – Upload (no spoilers)

Hello Realm, If you haven’t had a chance to watch Amazon Prime's series, Upload, here's your chance. It’s a technological moral philosophy trip! Keeps you asking what would I do in this situation. If you like futuristic dramas with a moralistic plot this is the show for you. I'm ready for season 2! Realm Rating … Continue reading 📺👀📽 TIR Recommends – Upload (no spoilers)

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