Sweet Ava: Claire 1

​“Let me turn down this music before I pull into his driveway, I don’t want to hear his mouth today!” Claire said to her husband Eric while turning the volume to a low 7 as she pulled into Jayson’s driveway.“Don’t trash talk my man, you know I’m going to tell him!” Eric said as he … Continue reading Sweet Ava: Claire 1

Sweet Ava: Jayson 1

With a hand over his mouth Jayson stroked his beard while looking at his face in the mirror.   He stared a minute longer than he usually did after his shower.  The eyes looking back at him were different every morning.  One day they looked back at him reminding him of the checklist items he needed … Continue reading Sweet Ava: Jayson 1

Sweet Ava: Ava 1

​"Good morning baby girl!" She opened her eyes to find her father standing tall over her bed smiling down at her.  She wiped the sleep from her eyes and gathered a smile to present to her father."Thanks dad" she replied with half a smile and outstretched arms reaching up to give him a hug.  "You're … Continue reading Sweet Ava: Ava 1