A Million Little Things S1E17

Let's see what you got for the finale! The Gifts - Each gift was so thoughtfully suited for each person, even Maggie who didn't officially meet Jon. The Pregnancy - Is it me or is Delilah's pregnancy going super fast. The Kiss - I was hoping for the kiss last episode and it was horribly sad watching them … Continue reading A Million Little Things S1E17

A Million Little Things S1E16

It's been a while and i'm 2 episodes behind.  Time to get caught up, here goes: The Jogger - Fake Emma is so creepy coming to the house. What is her deal? I'm hoping we get that big reveal soon. I still think she's an ex-wife at this point.  Nice job figuring it out Sophie. … Continue reading A Million Little Things S1E16

Regina! AMLT – Spoilers 2/7/19 episode

Is Gary in love with Delilah?  Why is he going out of his way to fix Eddie’s love life but being super weird about Delilah asking gas pump business man to help fix the restaurant problems?  Delilah is a grown woman Gary, back off! She can fix or mess up her own life!  He says … Continue reading Regina! AMLT – Spoilers 2/7/19 episode

AMLT 1/31/19 Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

A Million Little Things I just love how Gary and Rome come through for John’s kids.  Gary is just pretty awesome.  A little too attached to everything. Everyone on this show is awesome and messed up at the same time!  Good job to Maggie for teaching Sophie how to drive and Sophie returning the favor … Continue reading AMLT 1/31/19 Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

ABC Last Night – Spoilers 1/24/19 Episodes

1/25/2019 Grey's I don’t have an opinion on Link or DeLuca.  With Link being the new guy I see the #merluca being a thing!  On the other hand, Link was just Thor sooooo!What did pull on my heart strings was Owen choosing Amelia.  I’m here for the weird little future Owen, Amelia, Teddy and Koracick!  Yep … Continue reading ABC Last Night – Spoilers 1/24/19 Episodes