Good Morning Realm!

Good Morning Realm!

Our greatest glory is not never falling, but in rising every time we all.


Good Morning & Happy Monday!

On a large scale we are all reaching deep down and being our best resilient selves. When things are not optimal we are great at doing what is necessary to survive. On an individual scale we may have to be reminded that when things appear grim we should keep going. There’s no right about of times to have to start over. There’s no barometer for how many times you can try again. Don’t be discouraged, be brave!

Keep calm and keep doing what you need to do. Stay safe and keep others safe by staying home if you can. Those who are unable to stay home and are out there risking their lives to keep others fed, with supplies and treated medically, Bravo! You’re a Hero!

Sending positive vibes for a Motivational & Magnificent Monday! ❤️ ☯️ 🦄

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