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“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

Good Morning & Happy Sunday!

It is so easy to become weighted in a moment. Silver linings and bright sides are difficult to see. Stop and take a deep breath. Stop the spiral, ground yourself, meditate! Turn that moment into the rest of your life. Have the day you wanted to have. Bad things happen and once they’ve happened you can’t change it but they don’t have to keep happening or send your day/life off course or down a negative path.

Instead let’s choose to stop the momentum of the moment, take a cleansing breath and start over. This can occur during your weight loss journey and you had a momentary slip up, it’s ok, view it as a pebble in the ocean and keep going. It can occur after sitting in traffic. Turn on that play list and host a private concert. You will get to your destination eventually and stressing over things outside of your control is futile. Anger has it’s place but in a moment such as this, it is an energy draining goblin, don’t let it get you. Time is only a construct in this society. If you’re late and it has a negative impact, then that’s the universe letting you know this was not your path. Take your power back from that path stealing goblin, the power is yours! #captainplanet

Sending positive vibes for a Serene & Soulful Sunday! ❤️ ☯️ 🦄

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