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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here.  I have already posted my 2nd look at the Lannister’s and Greyjoy’s, links here if you missed them.  Here’s another look at the Starks.

Sansa – I fated Sansa to live and I still think this holds true.  It is no secret that this character annoys me to no end; however, I think the show runners will keep her alive.  Possibly she will be allowed to rule in the north as a free and separate kingdom.  I also see that there is some scheming happening between she and Yohn Royce so I suspect there is some backup planning occurring.  Perhaps something involving the Vale, similarly to the secret she kept from Jon in the Battle of the Bastards.  Who knows, maybe she will reunite with Tyrion and rule the westerlands. There are many who think she will rule the 7 kingdoms, my least favorite end game prediction.  Either way, I think she will live, but I have to say, with the revelation that Jon and the Night King will have a moment greater than Hardhome in episode 3, I wouldn’t mind a Sansa Night Queen situation.

Bran – The Three Eyed Raven is technically not Bran and maybe shouldn’t be considered a Stark but I’ll keep him in this category any way.  I think Bran is withholding information about the wars to come.  When speaking to Jaime, he insinuated that there would be no after.  There has to be an after, right? I am still hopeful for a magical solution to the Night King.  I’m also hoping that the conversation between Bran and Tyrion will have a huge payoff.  I’m not sure I believed Bran’s explanation of what the Night King wants.  Rather, I think Bran said what he thinks they needed to hear to act in the way he needed them to act for the real plan to have ultimate results.  I feel like Bran did a Dr. Strange type of move and viewed all end scenarios and has chosen the “best option” for the end solution.  How does Bran come out? Perhaps he takes up residence in the heart tree in the Gods Wood.  Maybe he just stays in the wheelchair in the halls of a rebuilt Winterfell.  My hope is that he survives but if it saves the living, he can go, ijs. 

Arya – Bottom line is #aryalives.  I’m not open to any other end game outcomes where Arya dies.  Even she does die on the show, she will have a happy ending in my heart.  That being said, I think Arya has to have some badass kills in episode 3 and will be involved in a Kings Landing plot that includes Cersie’s death and Cleganebowl.  I was ecstatic to see her and Gendry but I’m not holding out for their union to be a lasting one; however, I don’t object to a Starratheon situation.  Like I said the bottom line is #aryalives period.

Jon –  I still consider Jon a Stark but I will save my 2nd look for the Targaryen post.

I’ll be back with a second look at some of the other Westerosi citizens.

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