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What was I thinking? I took a look at my pool of dragons prediction list yesterday and I have to say I was rather generous with my predictions. I’ll link my predictions here.  I have already posted my 2nd look at the Stark’sLannister’s, Greyjoy’s, the Ladies and The Direwolves and Dragons links here if you missed them.  Here’s another look at the Gentlemen who are still living, not already included in a previous review.

Initially Living: Sam, Pod, Tormund, and Gendry

Initially Dying: The Hound, The Mountain, Baby Sam, Varys, Dario, Robin Arryn, Yohn Royce, Edmure Tully

Initially Wighted: Jorah, Davos, Bronn, Qyburn, Greyworm, Beric, Edd

2nd Thought: I think Tormund may not survive.  It would be good to have a wilding leader carrying on but I can see the show killing him off or wighting  him especially with the my eyes have always been blue joke.  I’d love for Gendry to survive and carrying on with Arya, #starratheon, but I can see the show killing him for effect.  Gendry  is the last Baratheon so I would love for a representative from major houses to carry on.  I’m also on the fence with Pod as I don’t think he is that important to the end game but perhaps he’s made it this far to make it all the way, I’ll keep him in the living category but I won’t be surprised if he bites it.  I think Sam is safe, he has a lot of knowledge that the world will need.  I can see him as writing the Song of Ice and Fire, they’ve foreshadowed it, but what an epic death that would be.  Tyrion can always write the stories right?  Well the death category can keep Edmure, Royce, Daario (if he even comes back), and the mountain.  

The Mountain is going down by The Hound and Arya.  The Hound will likely die as a result.  Which means they will likely make it out of the Winterfell battle to make it to Kings Landing.  I think Robin Arryn is useless but I think he may move to the living category to carrying on House Arryn.  Who knows maybe he’s a skilled fighter now and not just swinging swords like a girl with palsy.  The only way Edmure and Royce stays alive would be to keep their houses alive.  Mel told Varys that he will die so I expect death by the end of the season.  I do see some betrayal and a reveal of the voices in the flames before that happens.  Varys has something up his sleeves, but he dies by the end of the season.  Baby Sam I see his importance from the book perspective but I don’t think the show has emphasized importance at all.  I put him in the death category because I don’t see the importance and I do think they show may go for shock value.  The only thing I can see happening is maybe Mel using him as a sacrifice but that’s been done.  I’m ok dead or alive, I just don’t think he is involved in show end game.I think my wight list is good but maybe they will simply die without being wighted. I’m still on the fence between Greyworm and Missandei, it’s one or the other I think.Just one more to go, Targs up next.Join TIR – http://www.mylinksinbio.com/TIRealm

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