GOT Season 8 Episode 1 – Reaction Breakdown Review

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  • Opening Sequence – I loved the new sequence!  The graphics were great and going inside the castles was an awesome addition.  We got to see the Last Hearth as a new location as well.  The astrolabe was new and improved.  We even got to see the breach in the wall and the ground turning to ice in the path through the wall. I wonder if they will change Kit’s Sigil after this episode.   Overall the opening sequence was a positive improvement.
  • March – Just as mentioned in the review of the trailer, the march was pretty much the same as expected.  The Unsullied army was intimidating as the numbers looked tremendous coming through Winter Town.  The young boy we saw in the trailer was very reminiscent of Bran’s climb in S1E1.  It also referenced Arya’s S1E1 by jumping over the cart.  The looks from the northerners were representative of the power Dany’s army portrayed.  The black contrasted on the white snow was aesthetically pleasing.  Dany went between worry of the northerners and a smugness at the sight of her dragons that was a little unnerving.  She feels safer in the north knowing she has that power.  Looks shared between Missandei and Greyworm depicted the leeriness brought on my the northerners.  There was a comedic exchange between Varys and Tyrion, meant to lighten the mood. The best part of the march was the look on Arya’s face.  I expected the awe when she saw the dragons but even more of a treat to see was her expressions when she saw The Hound, Jon and Gendry.  There was a look of disdain I was not expected when she saw the hound.  I’m expecting that changes as the season progresses.  Arya’s expressions went back and forth from joy and terror throughout the march.  When she saw Jon there was an anxious feeling as she wasn’t sure she should call out to him.  Finally, the smile on her face when she saw Gendry tugged on my heart strings #Arendry.
  • Courtyard & Great Hall – We got a wide shot of Winterfell prior to the courtyard scene and it was great to see Winterfell in it’s entirety.  Sansa looked worried, as I noted in the trailer review, as the dragons flew overhead. 
  • Jon and Bran’s reunion was pretty good in my opinion.  Jon sped up as he saw him and hugged and kissed his forehead as he did the last time he saw him in the bed before he left for the wall.  He greeted him with ” you’re a man” and before I get to Bran’s response, this reminded me of Robert asking Bran to ‘show us your muscles’.    Bran’s response was ‘almost’.  At first I took it to mean that he was still a young man but then I realized he was referring to being the 3 eyed raven and not being a man anymore.  Jon had a revealing look as though he had an idea of what that meant.  With everything Jon has seen, it would make sense that he wasn’t more shocked. 
  • Dany’s introduction was going smoothly and Dany even appeared to be gracious but was quickly shot down my Sansa’s look of disdain and a cold “Winterfell is yours my grace”.  Lyanna Mormont’s face the whole time is priceless, cold and hard, like a northerner.  To make matters worse but at the same time break up the tension while adding to it, Bran interrupts with news of the wall and Viserion.  Dany appears to be heartbroken but still her reaction is tamed and on the colder side for her so-called child. 
  • The group moved into the great hall and Ned Umber is confused about who he should be addressing and after addressing Sansa, Jon and Dany, he is sent to Last Hearth to gather his people.  Lyanna Mormont is the first to address the elephant in the room.  I thought Jon did a great job explaining the current circumstances.  Tyrion gives the speech we heard in the promo and I was a little nervous about him addressing the Northerners but surprisingly they didn’t have his head but they were taken aback at the Lannister army marching north.  The best part about this scene was Dany’s “whatever they want!” as response to Sansa’s “what do dragons eat anyway?” 
  • Back outside overlooking the battlements, we get a quick scene between Tyrion and Sansa.  It was rather cold.  A very awkward meeting and while I thought Sansa should’ve responded to Tyrion a bit nicer, she was absolutely correct in pointing out that Tyrion is being naive in believing that Cersei was coming.
  • The Reunion – How did you sneak up on me?  How did you survive a knife through the heart?  These two questions were great summations of who these two are now.  Jon and Arya’s reunion was good until they started talking about Sansa. The tension took away from their reunion which was going well. I would’ve liked the Sansa conversation to happen separately after letting the reunion happen. However,  Arya’s defense of Sansa shows her as an adult now.  I love Jon pointing out that he is family too.  Similarly with the Jon & Bran reunion, they’re making a point of ‘we don’t have time for that’.  All said, I still enjoyed this adult reunion between Jon and Arya and comparison of swords and overview of what Arya is now.  Again, Jon knows there is more to her story but doesn’t appear concerned which is a good thing.
  • Kings Landing & Greyjoys –  There were several trailer scenes shown here from the throne room to Cersei on the stairs.  Qyburn is concerned about the wall being down.  Cersei could care less.  I’m glad this scene didn’t have anything to do with Jaime’s death or any other concerns.  In my trailer review, I thought perhaps that he would be trying to talk some sense into her for ordering something awful, so it’s good that isn’t the case either.  Euron is still annoying as ever and i’m happy to see Yara is still alive. The Golden Company’s Strickland is not exciting to look at thus far but as mentioned in my trailer 2nd look, the fandom was correct that it was Euron and Strickland in the throne room.  Cersei is disappointed at news of no elephants and Strickland says that he is looking forward to fighting on her behalf.  I still think this will change soon.  Cersei is definitely playing Euron to make him think it’s his baby, as I still think she is pregnant. Euron will leave her holding the bag in the end as he mentioned to Yara. 
  • Poor Bronn can’t have a moment of peace. If Bronn takes Cersei’s offer it will be very disappointing. Perhaps if he kills them by accident that would be good story telling but I don’t think him doing it for money is good for the story.  What other plans does Cersei have for Dany?  I’m looking forward to that revelation.
  • Looks like Cersei is just drinking wine and was disappointed about no elephants rather than a miscarriage as theorized by many.  Euron and Cersei could be an awful evil couple.  I suppose they may play that out this season with a villainous couple routine.
  • I was screaming at my television for this part.  I absolutely loved the Theon & Yara reunion. I loved that she knocked Theon down then helped him up. I am absolutely here for the Theon redemption.  Yara sending Theon to fight with his other family was a great depiction of progress. So far Yara and Theon has been the most rewarding of Episode 1 as far as being done well.  I don’t have any complaints.
  • Winterfell & The Dragons – the set up is going well at Winterfell. Davos has the right idea about a dual leadership. Tyrion’s quip about Davos’ age is cute and Varys eerily points out that nothing lasts. Dany and Jon are annoying with the strolling through the courtyard bit and Dany pointing out that Sansa has to respect her.  I hope they don’t stay too long on their bickering and power struggle.
  • The dragons are barely eating. Is it the north or that their dead brother is coming?  Dany urging Jon to rid and the smirking was a bit much.  I could’ve done without this magical dragon ride however, Rhaegal was definitely testing Jon out on this ride.  The whole bit makes it feel like I’m watching a children’s movie, even the music.  I would’ve liked this scene to have been a slight more serious.  The north is beautiful, quickly interrupted by more romance, even Dany mentioning they should stay at the waterfall was very reminiscent of Ygritte not wanting to leave the cave.  Drogon is feeling the same way I am about the whole thing.  I don’t mind Jon and Dany together, I’m just not believing the whole thing right at this moment.
  • More Arya Reunions – First we get Gendry in his workshop hard at work channeling Hephaestus (see my 7 Olympians Worshiping post).  The Hound gets a new dragon glass battle ax and is chastising Gendry and in walks Arya defending Gendry.  I have to say, I am on the fence about this interaction.  They don’t appear to like each other at all.  However, at the same time it makes sense for their characters as they are both hard people.  The hound calls Arya a cold bitch and while it is an insult it isn’t really as he points out that’s how she’s survived.  I think as the season progresses these two will get a little closer as i’d like to see them fighting together in #CLEGANEBOWL.
  • The moment I had been waiting for…#Arendry.  All my feels!  Arya has this cold voice in the beginning, it is very ‘I don’t like you but I do’.  She asks him to make her dragon glass spear and the two have a few japes and the best part was the walkaway and twirl at the end.  I am absolutely here for these two!!!
  • Jon & Sansa – The Glovers aren’t coming and Sansa is upset with Jon for bending the knee.  Jon points out that Dany will be a good queen and Sansa asks did he bend the knee to save the north or because he loves her.  I admit, I don’t have much love for Sansa and she annoys me to no end; however, in this scene, she is absolutely right as is Jon.  They are coming at each other from different perspectives and doing so in a way that I can appreciate.  My dislike for Sansa in previous seasons has been primarily based on her arrogance from being childish arrogance to an adult arrogance.  In this scene, she challenges Jon in a very diplomatic and at the same time sisterly way.  If she keeps this up maybe I won’t dislike her as much at the end!
  • Poor Sam – Dany and Jorah come into the Winterfell libray and initally it is all good as Dany compliments Sam on saving Jorah.  Sam asks for a pardon for stealing (borrowing) books from the Citadel and taking Heartsbane.  This triggers Dany to realizing he is Randall Tarly’s son and confesses that she killed his father.  Sam is sad but his heart is completely broken when he realizes Dickon was also killed.  Sam bursts out of the room and is almost run down by a cart in the courtyard because he is so distraught.  He sees Bran and asks why he is out there to which Bran responds he is waiting for an old friend.  Bran lets Sam know that he has to tell Jon now and he’s the one that has to do it because Jon trusts him the most.
  • Aegon Targaryen – Jon is in the crypts and hears a noise.  Weirdly he asks Sam if he was hiding from him.  I’m not sure what that is about.  Sam asks Jon about his father and brother and quickly realizes that Jon had no idea.  He challenges Jon about if he would’ve done the same and reminds him of his own mercy to the wildlings.  Jon responds that he wasn’t a king.  Sam reveals that he was always the king…of the bloody seven kingdom.  Kit Harrington did an amazing job depicting confusion, sadness, anger, anxiety and fear all at the same time on his face and in his body language.  Kudos Kit!  Ramin did an excellent job in that scene with the music as well.
  • The Last Hearth – Tormond is hilarious “my eyes were always blue”.  poor Ned Umber, the first death of the season.  I definitely chose Dolorous Edd in my fantasy picks.  The Night King left them another symbol in the shape of a spiral made of body parts.
  • Old Friend – So did Bran stay out all night waiting on Jaime?  This was a great way to end the episode.  
  • Episode 2 Preview – brings some more bickering between Sansa and Dany about trusting Cersei.  Likely Jaime brings that news.  Dany is addressing Jaime in the Great Hall warning him about all the things she’d planned on doing to the man who murdered her father.  I expect that Bran will shut down that bickering as well.  Likely Tyrion will have Jaime’s back as well.  Possibly Breinne will also vouch for Jaime.  Tormond is in Winterfell, likely telling Jon about The Last Hearth and how long it will take the army of the dead to arrive.  Arya is getting ready for battle, the voice over is the same from the trailer.  She has a bow and i’m thinking that I was right about it being her hand on the bow in the trailer.  Some of the clips the battle appears to already have begun, so maybe the preview has some of episode 3 or the war actually begins in episode 2.
  • I’m excited for episode 2, how about you?

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  1. “Whatever they want” was the dumbest line that Dany has ever uttered. Especially considering that Dany says they’re barely eating when what they ate could have fed a lot of people who are actual residents of the North. And the fact that Dany could have provided food for her army (she said she couldn’t feed her army because Cersei had taken the food from the Reach) had she not burned the food during the Field of Fire.

      • And that’s why Sansa was trying to make sure the troops and citizens are fed. It’s idiotic to ask people to fight on an empty stomach. Winter is here, food is scarce. If they win, food will be required because it’s going to be the longest winter. George R. R. Martin HIMSELF spoke about the importance of rulers who actually think about logistics and scoffed at Tolkien’s insistence that Aragorn “ruled wisely.” That’s nonsense. Ruling wisely is considering the logistics. That’s what Sansa’s doing. Once the Others are defeated, will Dany rule wisely? She burned supplies that could have fed her armies and dragons. She knows so little about Westeros that she didn’t even think of the reception Grey Worm and Missandei will receive. Dany is a fool.
        “Basic cattiness.” How sexist. When Jon first met Dany and disagreed vehemently with each other, did people call it catty? But, no, two women apparently cannot have concerns and personalities of their own and have to be reduced by few people in the audience as “catty.”

      • The bend the knee back and forth with Jon and Dany was useless as well. Food is important and it is a worthwhile issue but I do think a question about it would have been better than an attack about it. Jon left to get assistance for the fight, additional troops should’ve been expected. Dany should’ve also been providing for her own troops and consider that concern. It doesnt appear a bright idea on Sansa’s part imo. Comes off as a reason to be combative. That’s how it came off imo. I dont think Dany would be a wise ruler by herself; however, so far she has surrounded herself with good advisers. I dont disagree with your perspective. I just dont see the manner in which it was addressed as useful at the time. Also, I do believe that Sansa has other motives, as does everyone else.

      • Well, no it wasn’t useless. Jon would have to be the dumbest of the dumb to kneel to a woman he doesn’t know, a woman who’s family have a mad streak, a mad streak that caused great harm and grief to his own family – at that time, to Jon, Dany’s brother kidnapped and raped his aunt, Dany’s father slowly burned Jon’s grandfather and uncle. If titles are unimportant and she really wants to save the kingdom, you should apply the same logic to Dany as well, she should have flown to the North much quicker to determine the truth especially if these rumoured white walkers were aiming to bite off the entire kingdom she’s wishing to rule over. But she didn’t. Because she’d be a fool to take Jon’s words so easily. But it’s interesting that you specifically used the word “catty” to describe female on female conflict, but the word “catty” was amiss when discussing the earlier conflict between Jon and Dany. There is some internalised misogyny there. If you think this isn’t about politics, then consider the actual title of the show: “Game of Thrones.”
        Except Sansa did raise a question, and DANY was the one who attacked. Sansa: “What do dragons eat, anyway?” Dragons eat people and animals… winter is here, there is a shortage of animals – and we know that because Dany says the dragons are barely eating even though they ate a considerable amount of animal (lots of goats and sheep’s (?)). So, if they’re hungry, and there are barely any animals, what do they eat? As we saw in Meereen, Drogon ate a LITTLE GIRL. Sansa raised a valid question. There is barely any livestock, will her dragons resort to eating people?! And what does Dany answer? “Whatever they want.” Not only unhelpful, but a threat to Sansa if she dared to question her administration abilities again. Some guilt plays here as well because Dany is more than aware that she could have bought her own food supplies had she not burnt the food from the Reach, instead of having to force Sansa to scavenge for more food when it’s already scarce. Not only that, Dany wants to take the Iron Throne, so once the Others are defeated she will go South. Leaving Sansa to pick up the pieces for the long winter and bearing in mind, Dany took the North from her and she’s not even planning to make sure Northerners are fed. Sansa is.
        Good advisers that she doesn’t listen to. She wanted to go and destroy King’s Landing with her dragons remember. Until Jon stopped her. She listened to Tyrion earlier when he gave the same advice and she discarded the moment she realised she’s losing. That’s a terrifying temper. Quick to anger and with dragons to boot, that doesn’t make a great combination.
        Sansa’s only two motives are to protect the North and the fight against the Others. I don’t know what other motives you see, but given Sansa’s history and what she’s learned, I can’t understand how you would think there would be any hidden agendas there. Sansa’s done with pretending.

      • I used cattiness because it was simply catty imo. I think the bend the knee was useless back and forth and it didnt need to be constantly repeated in s7 as many times as it was. Of course it makes sense that Jon wouldnt bend the knee, got it the 1st time. The food from the reach wouldnt have been theres anyway but I agree she could have seized it vs burning it. I dont think Dany is without fault. Sansa made good points but I think she lacks diplomacy in her timing and approach.

      • No, the word ‘catty’ was noticeable visible when you spoke about Jon and Dany conflict – you used the terms: “bend the knee back and forth.” You didn’t use it for Dany v Sansa.
        It did need to be repeated. Jon and Sansa did not recruit armies to take back their home, they didn’t suffer all those years away from Winterfell and the North to give their home away so quickly. Dany talks about her birthright endlessly, but Winterfell is Sansa’s birthright. And doubly so because of the adage “there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.” That ties in to the Others as Bran the Builder built the Wall to protect everyone below it from them.
        “The food from the Reach wouldn’t have been there anyway.” What does that mean? It would have been there. Dany acknowledged that she needs it to feed her armies, but she burns it anyway. Her burning the food supplies was a punitive reaction. She had the upper hand, she had dragons after all, she could have easily taken it, but she burns it instead. If she’s going to go on and on about how she’s going to help the people and then burn the food, then she’s not really any different to her father. Her father wanted to blow up King’s Landing. Starving the people during Winter, you do realise that a lot of people sacrifice themselves during winter so that their families can eat, right? The only difference is that she’ll be starving the people because of her anger. She’s not really that different to her father, she’s just killing them a different away.
        If there’s anything Sansa doesn’t lack, its diplomacy. She observes the correct protocol. She calls Dany “Your Grace.” She stands up when Dany enters or stands up, and sits after Dany sits. Dany is not the queen she chose, but she observes basic protocol. Sansa realises in e2 that what Dany wanted was to thank her when she first came, so she says “I should have thank you straight away.” But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s taking her birthright and Dany is all about birthright. Very hypocritical. Shouldn’t the Breaker of Chains be more understanding about giving people freedom?
        I don’t expect the conflict to last all too long, Dany is pregnant – they didn’t keep hinting at that for no reason, and that will change everything, I believe. Perhaps Dany will give Sansa the North after all. She’s not evil. I don’t think she’ll go Mad Queen.

      • It was catty because it was a bitter back and forth with undertones with intended insults. Jon and Dany’s back and forth was childish. The food wouldve been Cersei’s to give to to Golden company if it reached its destination. Dany could’ve and should’ve seized it rather than burn it and it was a display of power and might on her part and not thinking ahead. The conversation between Dany and Sansa could have gone the way Yara and Dany handled the Iron Islands but it didnt and that’s because they had a pissing contest instead. Sansa will be in the north either way so there will be a Stark in Winterfell. I still consider Jon a Stark and he will be there as well. Stark blood will be in Winterfell either way. The power play isnt necessary to me

      • So, why don’t you just call it a bitter back and forth instead of catty? It would make you sound a lot less misogynistic. Especially considering you are further going ahead and calling Jon and Dany’s back and forth “childish.” But Sansa v Dany “catty.” This is why I love popular shows, it really shows you how people think.
        So we agree on Dany shouldn’t have burned the food, and therefore she has no right to complain when Sansa raises the question about food either because it’s valid. Dany didn’t bring food to the North.
        Dany, in Meereen, said “the others are free to ask for their independence” when she granted Yara the Iron Islands. Jon told Dany that he’s not giving up the North, Sansa asked in ep02 about the North, and Dany chose not to grant it. That’s being a hypocrite. Especially considering she said in the same conversation that she wants to back the Throne from the Lannister’s and Baratheron’s who stole it. Sansa and Jon actually fought to take back their home from the Bolton’s and they won. They both want the same thing. But according to Dany, it is only her desires and her birthright that are important to her. What kind of Breaker of Chains doesn’t give people back their freedom?
        Why should they ask ‘nicely?’ Did Dany fight to take back the North? Or did Sansa and Jon?!
        It’s not about Sansa just being in the North. As per my last comments, the Northerners want their freedom. The South have inflicted so much harm on them. Their religions are different, their values and traditions are different. The North want to be recognised in its own right. They are independent. To reinforce, Dany wants to give people freedom, but clearly only when it benefits her. If she was truly the Breaker of Chains, she would recognise that the North wants it freedom from the SOUTH, from the Iron Throne. If she truly cared, she would grant the North it’s independence, allowed to rule and administer laws free from the involvement of the South.
        “The power play isn’t necessary to me.” I don’t remember you being on the show? Am I watching a different show? Have you fought for the North? Are you a Stark? You can’t impose your on values on people you aren’t.

      • I thought it was catty. Bitter was more like Dany towards Jaime. Burning the food is a dumb move on Dany’s part but that food wouldnt have made it to the north if Cersei got it so I still think the food conversation could’ve occurred separately. Jon gave the north to Dany, it was his to give. Did he have to or should he have, no I dont think so but he did. Sansa’s beef is with Jon

      • Okay, I’ll let you think in misogynistic terms in peace. You can only be who you are.

        The food would have made it to the North if Dany seized it, not burned it. She had the upper hand in the ‘battle’ it was hers for the taking. She chose not to. The wagons could have been taken to the North through horses, there were horses, did you not see? The reason Dany retorted “whatever they want” is because she is all too aware that she didn’t bring food to the North, but just expected the North to take care of it. It’s like, in real life terms, you being the manager at a new firm because your daddy the former passed away, and expecting everyone else who’s been there before to take care of the logistics all by yourself and just expecting people to respect your power even though you haven’t contributed. Nobody would respect a leader like that.

        It was not his to give. The North belongs to the North. If you’ve watched the series, you would have taken in the fact that the leader of the North takes into consideration the opinions of his subordinates. Sansa is Lady of Winterfell. Jon should have been aware that she would have a problem with it. And yes Jon was stupid. Dany has already pledged her support, there was no reason for him to bend the knee.

        Would you want, in real life terms, someone who doesn’t care whether you starve as your leader? But just wants you to fight on an empty stomach. And is disrespectful to the person who is actually making sure that you’re well fed. If, for example, your father doesn’t contribute to the household, but just expects your mother to take care of everything and then when your mother questions him, he gets angry, how would you feel? Would you side with the mother who’s making sure you’re looked after, Fed, warm and clothed? Even if your father is fighting for you, but after the fight he will leave you? Who do you think should take custody? Dany should have said I’m here to save the kingdom. Not tried to white feminist Sansa.

      • Thanks for allowing me to think freely and also for agreeing to disagree here. I still think it was catty and that the north was Jon to give as king in the north same as his ancestors did. Sansa has a right to worry and like I said before my issue was with her delivery and timing. In real world terms I wouldnt want any of them to be a sole leader so it is great that it is a television show.

  2. catty

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    “catty comments”

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