EW Rewatch Recommendations – Review Breakdown Reactions

S1E1 waymar Royce is an idiot. Will mentions even the children, seems important. Looking forward to S8E1 mimicking this episode.

S1E2 Joffrey is still an idiot and Sansa’s still annoying and Arya should’ve pushed Joff into the river with his sword!

S1E9 Dany was naive dealing with Miri Mas Duur, but she knew she was playing with fire… Dany made some bad decisions this episode and Shae was playing Tyrion from the start.

S1E10 aside from Lyanna Mormont, the S1 generation of northern lords were way cooler the S6-7 northern lords… oh an Jaime was a jerk, but pretty funny when he had both hands.

S2E3 maester luwin mentions the valyrian steel link, studying the higher mysteries and how magic doesnt really exist… S8 more magic please… oh yea and: Tyrion was good @ ruling, poor Theon, the birth of Arya’s list and Sansa is still annoying.

S2E6 Tywin & Arya scenes were awesome – Arya is pretty smart! I think Talisa really was a Lannister spy, Dany thinks she is no ordinary girl-her dreams come true & she’ll take the iron throne with fire & blood. I still think she dies S8 (and she was more upset when the dragons were stolen than when 1 died).. Robb trusting Roose πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ oh Theon – was such an idiot… Shae was definitely working for Tywin.

S2E9 cersei +poison = ☠, miles of tunnels under KL…what did Varys see and hear in those flames… one day he will tell Tyrion according to this episode … Sansa should’ve been nicer to Tyrion. Sansa – “the worst ones always live” … the hound was over all the BS, he was so depressed in KL lol.

S3E3 Edmure is a douche, Tyrion & Tywin small council antics, Arya & the brotherhood, hot pie – winterhell, Tommen/ Martin Lannister, I wish the Blackfish was still alive, Craster is a godly man, Theon should’ve known who/what Ramsey was since they’re from the north… no rumors? Valor Morghulis… but we are not men… Pod the Rod – should be knighted … Jaime saves Brienne and loses a hand.

S3E4 Varys is going to be important S8, Tyrion & Varys could be in cahoots… we should definitely find out what the voices in the flames said. Brienne to Jaime: you can’t die, you have to live to take revenge. Mutineers & Sam stealing a baby . Arya & the hound… Dracarys πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ”₯.

S3E5 The Hound vs Beric & Beric’s resurrection. Jon lied to the wildlings, despite the S7 dragon pit scene. We meet Qyburn. I could be your family, no you’d be m’lady #Arendry ❀. Karstark kills Martin (tommen) Lannister. Shireen and Stannis’ scene, I really thought he wouldn’t hurt her. Jaime + Brienne’s bath (jaime’s a bit creepy not using the other tub she suggested)…by what right does the wolf judge the lion. Greyworm is made Unsullied Commander. Barriston points out that Jorah will not be looked at favorably when she returns to Westeros. Wish Sansa + Loras wouldve gotten married. Tywin: my children, disgraced the Lannister name.

S3E9 Lord Frey is such a creep observing Talisa. Awww old Daario. Daario was an asset, Dany should’ve kept him. Sam the Wizard. Excited for the Arya+Hound reunion. You’re very kind, someday itll get you killed-the hound. Rickon: old nan said wildlings turn your cup into a skull and drink your blood from it lol, Carl Tanner wasnt even a wildling…Arya was so close to the Twins. Bran skin changes Hodor for the 1st time then saving Jon. Bran should have kept Rickon. Damnit Talisa did you have to name the baby right now, I’m already tearing up. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Richard Madden & Michelle Fairley.


Iron Bank – without Davos, Stannis didnt stand a chance. Yara – my brother is dead. Poor Theon. Drogon 🐲πŸ”₯🐐. Oberyn and Varys’ dynamic is good. This trial was awful farse. Shae has been in cahoots with Tywin from the beginning. Tywin is awful, especially since he initially sent Tyrion to bring Cersei and Joffrey to heel. When does Meryn Trant die already! Cersei is a horrible person. Varys never forgets…he could’ve lied sheesh. Jaime-if Tyrion dies the Lannister names goes with him. Shae deserved to be more than strangled. Tyrion: https://youtu.be/e4Uq8O5ZhUA


Edd -…burn the rest of us…I don’t want to come back. Greyworm and Missandei ❀ if either dies 😭😭😭 I’m not ready! Alfie Allen is my favorite actor on GOT. Sansa/Elaine picking up LF habits. Barriston learns of Jorah’s treachery. Roose – the North is larger than the other 6 kingdoms combined. LF motivates Robin Arynn to take charge of his life and Dark Sansa emerges. Tyrion and Jaime have a precombat conversation about the meaning of their cousins beetle smashing. Probably foreshadowing of the mountain smashing Oberyn and overall meaningless killing period by the strong to the weaker. This episode like many in this rewatch list mentions the killing of even the children. The looks on Tyrion and Jaime’s faces are priceless.


Mance was pretty cool. Pycelle is so jealous of Qyburn lol. Cersei mentions suicide by poison again + I will burn our house to the ground… Jaime still following behind Cersei. Daenerys doesnt understand slavery and Drogon 🐲πŸ”₯ children smh 😒 and Viserion and Rhaegal get locked up. (Again Dany was more believably upset than when Rhaegal died). RIP Grinn. Tormund- you can never be a kneeler again Jon Snow… really.

these wights seem different than other wights. Why are they popping up out of the ground. Where are the WW who control them….I kinda like these children better than the upgraded COTF. RIP Jojen. You’ll never walk again but you will fly.

Cool meeting the first time Brienne and Arya met before they knew who each other were. Safety-where the fucks that. Sword fight was cool but the fist fight was better. The look on Arya’s face is priceless, she has nothing left.

Jaime, Varys & Tyrion – what will they do in S8 when they’re together again. I did write about Tyrion possibly saving Jaime’s life to return the favor. Poor Tyrion. Valor Morghulis!


Tyrion was so cool, S7 killed him. Tyrion + Daenerys should’ve been an awesome duo. Again another reference to Jorah not being by Dany’s side when she gets to Westeros. All the s8 promo pics with them together are not feeling so good. Oysters Clams and Cockles ❀

Cersei in the cells❀ no sympathy

Theon saved Sansa, wasnt the time to leave. Poor Theon 😒❀

20 good men! (Like the vale?)

Tyrion: I’ll tell you why I killed my father one day if you dont execute me.

Tyrion only trusts Varys and Jaime. Dany: the brother who killed my father. I cant wait until tomorrow.

Daenerys should’ve stayed and ruled Essos!

NK is a complete badass! Even the little children.


Sansa sneaking around behind Jon’s back and letting LF slide after giving her to Ramsey. Brienne should’ve at least been ordered to rough him up a bit. But hes left to still show seeds of doubt… half-brother.

Waif reminding Arya she will never be a faceless man, Jaquan agrees. Jaquan sends Arya to see the play on purpose? To remind her?

COTF made the WW to save themselves from men.

I hope Theon kills Euron and saves Yara.

Jorah sent to heal himself to be ready for Westeros.

Kinvara thinks Dany is the one who was promised . Everyone is what and where they are for a reason. If you are her (dany) true friend you (varys) have nothing to fear. Who was the voice and what did they say?

Sansa is being annoying again… Davos is right. Of course Karstark sided with Boltons after Robb. Brienne pointed out Sansa says she trust Jon but is still lying to him.

Willis doesn’t see Bran until after Bran skin changes Hodor, then Willis has the seizure.


Dany’s mad at Tyrion. Tyrion’s ideas are good but its the long game. Meereen still looks pretty destroyed despite Tyrion’s advice. Greyworm with the swift double kill. Continuity error? Sansa was gone when Ramsey said he hadn’t fed the dogs, how did she know?

Sansa is irrational after the war council.

She is correct that No one can protect anyone.

Melisandre will try to bring Jon back if he falls again, despite him telling her not to.

Theon warns Dany that Euron would murder her as soon as he had the Iron Throne, Cersei better watch out.

Ramsey was a sick bastard! Cant blame Jon for charging out after that.

I still think Sansa was wrong for withholding information about the Vale army and her smug smile is annoying.

RIP Wun Wun -MVP. Jon pounding Ramsey’s face was the most relaxing and satisfying moment of GOT!


Light of the Seven music – most eerie, maybe more so than Rains of Castamere. Even the little children…Pycelle deserves to go lol.

High Sparrow is so arrogant and Lancel has been an idiot from the beginning.

There isnt much to say, Cersei is the devil!

Poor Tommen, never stood a chance with that mother. She is cold blooded. The Mountain’s face looks like it stinks.

There should’ve been more outrage in S7 about the Sept of Baelor.

Arya serving Jaime and Bronn. I wonder what she thinks of Jaime at this point, another reunion to look out for.

The citadel is pretty awesome. White Ravens winter is here.

Melisandre is very clear that she didnt lie, she was wrong.

Sansa apologizing to Jon was good, she knew she was wrong.

Dany does plan on marriage so perhaps we do get a Jonaerys wedding in S8. Poor Daario.

Arya killing Lord Frey, very rewarding! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎβ€πŸΊ

Glad LF is gone, hopefully Sansa wont be manipulated in S8. I wonder is Benjin is actually dead. Will we see Dawn?

I get goosebumps every time, Lyanna Mormont is awesome.

Cersei is the mad queen and Jaime has to kill her! Theon will be redeemed.


Tyrion-sham marriage w/Sansa. Jon’s reaction to Drogon was awesome, I think Drogon purposefully swooped down close to Jon. Mel & Varys – another cool reunion to come. The voice probably told Varys the events of his death. Davos’ intro for Jon never gets old. Dany is kind of a tool in their meeting. She didnt respond to Yara and Theon this way.

Euron is one of the most annoying characters. His comic relief is not GOT level comic relief, they should’ve done better. The common folk are so fickle.

Qyburn is so nonchalant about Tyene’s poisoning. This was one of Cersei’s best villain moments.

Cersei is wearing the same robe as in the S8 promo pics.

Tycho Nestoris (Iron Bank) points out Euron is loyal for now.

Tyrion’s advice about the dragon glass is good diplomatic advice. I do like LF advice about fighting every battle always.

Bran was just trying to help Sansa understand he can see things. I expect he will be more accustomed to his abilities in S8 and be stronger and less robotic. Looking forward to Sam and Jorah’s reunion. Tyrion’s casterly rock plan was a good one. I still think Cersei has a spy.

Olenna is the badass of the entire show! Cersei will be the death of Jaime… probably a romeo and juliet deal.


If Bronn lives, he better get a castle. I hope the Iron bank and the Golden Company abandons Cersei. I love RoboBran saying chaos is a ladder. LF probably peed himself. ❀❀❀🐺🐺 feels! Arya’s home!

Bran’s response to Arya was more normal than with Sansa. Bran has already seen what Arya will do with that dagger!

I hope there’s some more COTF back story in S8.

Cave scene wasnt so bad on this rewatch. However, Dany should’ve laid off on the bend the knee talk.

Poor Tyrion. His plans arent bad.

Missandei doesn’t recognize the concept of a bastard – hopefully itll be abolished. I dont think Dany would just let Missandei go if she wanted to, not without some stipulations.

Randall Tarly is a tool.

I’m still trying to figure out why Dany burned the food and not the army.

Tyrion hates Cersei, so his sadness at the sight of the loot train battle is understandable, he loves Jaime and is Westerosi and a Lannister at heart.

I see where you were going with it Jaime but bad move.


KL population will be important. Pleasant reunion with Podrick and Tyrion. Awkward with Brienne and the Hound. Th hound seemed proud to hear Arya doesnt need protection. What did he mean he wouldnt get in her way… was he implying it would be the mountain? ARYA + CLEGANEBOWL.

Cersei’s unimpressed face when Dany arrives is awesome lol. Tyrion’s face when Euron interrupts him to taunt Theon is great. Euron is like a 5 year old seeking attention.

How does anyone believe anything Cersei says?

If Jon wouldve agreed to Cersei’s terms it would have been unbelievable. I’m glad he didn’t lie.

Cersei is the most irrational person in Westeros lol from thinking Tyrion killed their mother to blaming him for the high sparrow.

LF points out a Jon + Dany marriage and that the faceless men worship death.

Jorah didn’t look like he liked Dany taking Jon’s suggestion over his. Jon + Theon conversation is great😒😒. Theon has a redemption coming. He is the biggest broken thing in the story.

Theon fight scene is annoying.

Jaime if he goes back to Cersei in S8, I’m going to be disappointed.

Bran and Sam better be a super duo in s8.

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