7 Olympians Worshiping

Hello from TIRealm, We are seven days away from the finale season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Eh ehm… WE ARE SEVEN DAYS AWAY FROM THE LAST SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES!  Like many of you out there, I am ecstatic, anxious, excited and sad because the end is nigh.  In seven days, we will be able to enjoy the Best Television Show in my lifetime and possible several decades before and even after my lifetime, and I watch a lot of TV.  As a tribute, I have been counting down the Twelve Day ‘til GOT (previous days’ videos below).  Since we are on the 7th day, what better than ‘7 Olympians Worshiping’.  Let me explain:

The Faith of the Seven are also known as The New Gods. The Seven are seven attributes within a single deity.  In Greek Mythology, the Olympians replaced the Titans or Old Gods in Ancient Greek worship.  There are several other reviews that have been done on this topic, in addition to comparing the new gods to GOT characters.  I agree with some of those comparisons with a few minor tweaks here are there, here is my line up:

The Mother is said to represent the attributes usually associated with the matriarchy, motherhood, caring and nurturing. In addition, she is the manifestation of mercy.  Hera is the goddess of fertility, marriage and childbirth. I’ve chosen Daenarys Targaryen as the show representation in a current character. Daenarys upset me in season 7; however, I do still want her to have a happy ending. Daenarys is infertile or so it seems and she does not have any human children. It may seem like this should eliminate her as Mother, however, of the characters alive on the show, she is the best fit. We see the slaves identify her as Mhysa and Daenarys refers to dragons as her children. There’s a high likelihood that she is not infertile and misunderstood Muir Maz Duur. Sans season 7, Daenarys has shown mercy through out her journey, not limited to the many slaves she’s freed. Hera has tales of her Wrath which is similar to Daenarys’ season 7 Being A Dragon. Daenarys is set up for future Westerosi worship.

The Father is said to have a beard and represents justice. Jon’s beard is growing out nicely as is Zeus’. More importantly, as King of the North, Jon is responsible for justice. Even though he bent the knee to Daenarys, I expect that Jon will still continue in his leadership roles. Jon does shy away from leadership roles, however, his attributes are such that followers continually choose him as a leader. Arguably, Jon’s actions more than his responsibilities as a leader, are the true representation of justice in his steadfast mission to do what is right. Zeus has a struggle for power as others have tried to take his spot, not exactly the same as Jon but a struggle nonetheless. Lastly, Zeus is married to his sister, a 2nd marriage, which can compare to Jon, Daenarys and Ygritte.

The Warrior is credited for courage and victory in battles. Flaws and all, Jaime will likely go out in Season 8 as heroic on the battlefield.
Let’s get it in the White Book. . He has been known as a great sword fighter and even after he lost his hand carried on with courage. Of the characters alive on the show, Jaime is the best fit for the warrior. Aries is the Greek God of War and is the likely mythological comparison. Aries is known for his love affair with Aphrodite, who was married and they should not have been together. Aphrodite is also his sister…enough said.

Maiden in Game of Thrones is associated with innocence and chastity. I’ve seem comparisons to Greek Goddess Artemis for the Maiden; however, I’ve chosen Astraea. Like the Maiden, Astraea is also associated with innocence and chastity. : represents innocence and chastity. Astraea is also associated with justice like my current show character pick, Brienne of Tarth. Astraea is also referred to as the Star Maiden. Brienne’s view of right and wrong can come off as pure,innocent and black and white. She had been on a mission to find the Stark girls and did not let up until they were found.

The Smith also known as Gendry Baratheon or Hephaestus. Game of Thrones identifies the Smith with a hammer and a manifestation of strength. In Greek Mythology, Hephaestus is also depicted with a hammer and is known as God’s Blacksmith. He is also associated with metalworking. Gendry is the perfect show character to associate as The Smith as he is a blacksmith and has a hammer, simple. I look forward to Gendry having the role as the Blacksmith for the side of the living in season 8. Perhaps he will do something creative with the Dragon-glass next season.

The Crone is usually discussed as a wise old woman bringing light or enlightening others. If it were season 1, I would have picked Old Nan. Of the characters living I almost went with Melisandre because without her Glamour Chain. Melisandre can also be associated with enlightenment because i’m sure she knows a lot more than she has let on thus far in the show and there is the obvious as she worships the lord of light. However, I chose a male character, Davos. Davos is a great adviser to Jon and was to Stannis as well. While he self identifies as not being a learned man, Davos is great at people. Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war. I expect Davos to be among the strategist in the wars to come.

The Stranger is the least called upon God of the seven. Here again the Stranger is typically portrayed as male. The Greek God Hades is the God of Death and the Underworld. Arya Stark, while being female, is associated with the Faceless Men who believe there is only one true God, whose name is Death. Arya is the best current show character who aligns with The Stranger. Hades’ dog Cerebus, could be associated with Direwolves, perhaps Nymeria.

What do you think? Which current show character would you associated with each of The New Gods? Let me know in the comments. Happy week before Game of Thrones Season 8.

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