My Most Watched YouTube Channels With GOT Content – Alpha-Order

I developed this list for a friend who is new to Game of Thrones and has just binged watched from the beginning in preparation for Season 8. I thought perhaps someone else out there is in a similar situation and would benefit from getting a few videos in before the beginning of the S8. By no means is this list exclusive, it’s only the names that showed up the most in my recent history since last cleared! There are quite a few other YouTubers I love to watch including reaction videos; however, this is a good start. Take a look & Subscribe. Comment your most watched YouTube Channel, help me add to my list!

  1. Alt Shift X
  2. AU Pack Mule
  3. Azor Ahype
  4. Because Geek
  5. Bridge 4
  6. DJ Wun Wun
  7. Drinks and Knows Things
  8. Emergency Awesome
  9. Fandom D. Saint
  10. Fentony
  11. Fire and Blood
  12. Game of Theories with Marie
  13. Geek Chat 1
  14. Got Academy
  15. Gray Area
  16. Ideas of Ice and Fire
  17. In Deep Geek
  18. Jody’s Corner
  19. Johnny B Crazy
  20. Lady Wolverton’s Den
  21. Lauren’s Corner
  22. Living My Rhapsody
  23. Lucifer Means Lightbringer
  24. MacKenzie L Burns
  25. Nerd Soup
  26. Preston Jacobs
  27. Rawrist
  28. Rays De Alba
  29. Ser Hunts Reviews
  30. Secrets of the Citadel
  31. Sly the Tank Benjin
  32. Smokescreen
  33. Talking Thrones
  34. Teflon TV
  35. The Citadel of Trivia
  36. The Dawg Show
  37. The Last Harpy
  38. The Order of the Green Hand
  39. The Westerosi Ninja
  40. Westeros History

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