Well played HBO!

Looks like we have another teaser in Entertainment Weekly covers. While everyone looks amaz-sauce on their covers, I was hoping for a little bit more from the GMA news today. As I look at the amazing pictures, I wonder ‘Are we getting a trailer?’ I still have hope for the trailer, however, I get the game (pun intended) being played. The hype is definitely magnified the longer it takes HBO to release a full trailer. It is the final season after all. I am among those who are impatiently waiting for a trailer and stalking HBO; however, I’d be ok with or without a trailer. It definitely makes for another level of excitement going into the season blind. Well, off to wait for the trailer! Being ok with not getting one doesn’t mean I’m still not going to wait for one, right!?! Just like Winter, the trailer is coming! To read the EW article click here!

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