I dont even know what to say and I can barely remember everything that happened in the 1st 56 mins of the episode because of the very end. Indont even remember the whole season because of the last few minutes.

Trade Minister blew my damn mind. So I think my theories were right… it’s a little bit of time travel and alternate universes and the mandela effect but the twist is its facilitated by that magic box and whatever Trade Minister did with that damn necklace! I knew that thing was important.

Whoa! I’m moving right along to season 2 because someone is going to have to explain how America is back to damn normal now. Dude did some serious pushing out positive vibes to change the world.

Awesome show. A must watch.

2 thoughts on “The Man in the High Castle – Season 1 Episode 10 Season Finale Review – Spoilers – Reaction Breakdown Review

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